Hanani House - Recovery Housing 

Our women's residences are located in Augusta and Washington, Missouri and provide a safe, drug and alcohol free environment for women in early recovery to rebuild their lives.

At Hanani House, we recognize the challenges that individuals face who are working to overcome substance use disorder (SUD) which is why our program provides a variety of recovery support services and supports by certified staff to help them along the way. We provide substance use counseling by a certified substance use counselor, recovery community support and employment coaching from our certified peer specialist, community resource referrals, and daily accountability and structure in a loving and supportive environment. 

Hanani House - Augusta 

Hanani House - Washington

Nationally Accredited Recovery Housing

The National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) provides a nationwide standard for excellence and quality in recovery residences through rigorous standardized requirements. NARR is the national standard for recovery housing that is dedicated to expending the availability of well-operated, ethical and supportive recovery housing.

Hanani House received its NARR accreditation in October of 2021 and works in collaboration with Missouri Coaltion of Recovery Support Providers and the Recovery Coalition of Greater St. Louis to profive effectiver recovery housing for those seeking help from substance use disorder (SUD). 

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Department of Mental Health Recovery Housing Provider

Hanani House was awarded a contract with the Department of Mental Health to provide recovery housing and now receives funding from the Recovery Support Service (RSS) Grant for our residents. This grants allows the first 90 days of housing to be funded through the Deparment of Mental Health.


Housing Program Requirements

  • Hanani House residents must be willing to work daily on their 12 step recovery program

  • Hanani House residents must be in the "Action" Stage of Change (will be reviewed and discussed at interview)

  • Residents must be willing to follow all House Rules, schedules, curfews and must adhere to all program and meeting requirements

  • Twelve step meeting attendance is required. Residents must attend, minimally, one spiritual activity and two recovery meetings per week, or three recovery meetings per week

  • Twelve step sponsorship is required. Each resident is required to have a sponsor and be actively working the 12 Steps

  • All residents must be employed a minimum of 20 hours per week (Employment support is provided upon entry)

  • Each resident will develop a Recovery Support Plan with the Substance Use Counselor which will include creating goals in all 8 Dimensions of Wellness

  • Each resident will be responsible for completing daily work in the Hanani House Recovery Workbook