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Welcome to Hanani House


Recovery Housing

The Hanani House Recovery Housing Program provides men and women in 12 step recovery from substance use disorder with safe, supportive recovery housing.


Treatment Services

Hanani House uses a person-centered, integrated approach to substance use treatment. We offer a variety of treatment services that help our participants stabilize in early recovery and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.


Employment Program

Recovery Restorations is our in-house Employment Program that provides opportunities for our residents to earn supplemental income while they seek gainful employment.


Financial Literacy

Hanani House provides our residents with a personal finance coach committed to teaching the basics in finance and helps them develop a sustainable financial plan for their transition to independent living.  


Women and Children’s Reunification Program

Women who have successfully completed the Hanani House 90 Day Recovery Program are eligible to participate in our Women and Children’s Reunification Program that provides recovery housing and support services during the reunification process.

Hanani House Locations

Welcome to Hanani House #2!
Men's Housing_edited_edited.png

Women's Housing Augusta, Missouri

Women's Housing
Washington, Missouri

Guemmer House
Men's Housing Florissant, Missouri

What Our Residents Say

I am so beyond grateful for the Hanani House and everything they have done for not only us but for the future girls of this house. This is by far the best recovery house I have lived in. I have grown so much in my time here and accomplished so many things. Hanani House has changed my life for the better. I no longer have to sink or swim. I finally get to live again. Thank you so much for all you do for us.


In the News

Augusta House


Hanani House purchases property
100+ Women Who Care_edited.jpg

Hanani House successfully purchased the Augusta property in July 2022, and thanks to a generous grant from the 100 Women Who Care organization, we'll be able to refinish the basement and add two women's beds to our resident capacity.

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