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Hanani House is committed to helping people overcome every barrier to success in recovery. Call our Job Specialist for help creating a career plan that is right for you!

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Computer Classes

St. Louis Public Library

Use your Library card to take a computer class! The Library offers several computer classes to cardholders, ranging from basic to advanced.

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Computer Village


Computer Village has trained or certified hundreds of youth and adults in STEM areas such as Computer Skills, A+ and ETA, OSHA, Hazardous Materials, Solar Technician, Green Jobs and Technical Skills.

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Learn a Language for Free

Duolingo Free App lessons adapt to your learning style. Exercises are tailored to  learn and review vocabulary of many languages effectively.

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Educational Opportunity Centers

US Department of Education


Part of the federally-funded TRIO program. Provides college, career, financial aid and financial literacy advising to assist individuals in furthering their education beyond high school. Free of charge.

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Kahn Academy 

Free online Classes


Free online courses in just about anything. Math, computer programming,  grammar, science, history, SAT®, AP®, and much more.

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Slate - Missouri Job Center

Main Office: 314-589-8000


Connecting job seekers to training programs and employment, helping employers diversify their workforce, and assisting youth with career skills.

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