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Our Story

The word "Hanani" translates into "God gratifies," or "God is gracious." Those two phrases encompass the heart and experience of founder, Tonya Hankins, whose 20 year struggle to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction has resulted in the vision of Hanani House to provide recovery support, resources, and housing to those who face significant barriers to achieving sobriety. 

Hanani House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves the substance use population in St. Charles and surrounding counties in Missouri. 


 We believe that recovery from addiction rarely happens without God's help and the ability to connect to a recovery community. Neither of those two are easy at first, which is why we work with other local agencies to provide recovery and community support for adults and young adults who are in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use disorder. 

Our vision is to provide recovery housing, recovery support and resources and to help build the recovery community in a way that honors God and shows just what He is willing to do for anyone who will surrender their life over to His care. 

Board of Directors

The Hanani House Board of Directors is committed to advancing the mission of helping men and women build solid foundations of recovery and success. Our board meets monthly to help navigate the direction of Hanani House growth and to ensure that serving our participants and managing our fiduciary responsibilities remain guiding principals of our organization. Our board members collectively represent over 100 years of personal 12-step recovery from substance use disorders. 

In the Media

The Missourian
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